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Subject KOBA 2010_SPECIAL TOUR PROGRAM_FREE!! Date 2010-05-20 Hits 4715

KOBA 2010 Tour Program_1.pdf

SPECIAL TOUR PROGRAM Special Seoul City & Broadcasting station Tour Program_FREE!! THANKS for your interests in KOBA 2010. KOBA 2010 Organizer provides the tour program looking around Seoul City where is the capital of Korea and visiting various Korea Broadcasting Stations for foreign visitors and buyers during the KOBA show from 16(Wed) to 17(Thur), both tow-days. You can look around and enjoy Seoul City and Broadcasting including the transportation, lunch or dinner, tour guide, and translator for FREE of charge! Moreover, you can meet the five types of tour programs, and choose multiple programs if you have time. But it is first-come first-serve!, so do not hesitate to apply for this special events. Please refer to attachment file for more detail of tour programs Thanks!!