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KOBA 2011

Opening Press Release June, 14, 2011 KOBA 2011_ take a significant step toward. Korea has a large, diverse and vibrant broadcasting industry which has boomed with the rapid growth of the country’s economy in the past two decades or so. The large scale of the broadcast industry has been very much in evidence at KOBA. KOBA 2011 is held at COEX(Convention and Exhibition Center) in Seoul, Korea from 14th to 17th, June in 2011. 21st edition of the leading annual show, KOBA is commencing for its 4days of market place which is situated in the heart of Seoul’s business sector. Korea broadcasting industry is taking a significant step toward by the new ground rules for deregulation of the news industry and the start of digital TV from 2012. The new deregulation changes would allow Korea major newspapers to own cable television news channels and encourage a larger number of companies to get involved in the media business. which is expected to boost the growth of Korea broadcasting industry. Following the changes, The unique Korean broadcast entertainment is suggesting the direction for the future technology through well with 603 companies from 31 countries in 17,629 sqm of its exhibition space. All those involved in this field will be able to obtain information on all the current and future trends at the North-East Asia’s premier medical event. Recent trend of broadcasting industry of the world is the convergence, which has a great ripple effect in economy, culture and society. Such as Smart TV, 3D, UHD, 4K, 2K, touch monitor and subminiature camera so on, these convergence related new technologies and novel contents are exhibited and introduced in KOBA 2011. Also, the newest 3D tools are introduced by Hyundai IT, Zalmantech, Darim Vision, Road Technology with other exhibitors in the show which will bring more attentions. More than 76 international conference and audio seminars are concurrently held in KOBA 2011. 3D, IPTV are not only the main topics in the seminar, but also broadcasting technical seminars are cover topics such as Korea broadcast policy and management and technological applications of TV broadcasting, digital TV. Moreover, Pro-Audio Demonstration, ‘the 6th Dynamic Blaster KOBA’ will be performed on live with the powerful and functional sounds for visitors at COEX Grand conference center. In addition to the exhibition, KOBA 2011 offers the opportunities to find a larger market abroad to KOBA exhibitors by arranging the export trade meeting with U.S.A and Philippines buyers.