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KOBA 2013 Press Release 


23rd KoreaInternational Broadcast, Audio & Lighting Equipment Show


Broadcasting opens the future! Join the future wave!

Cutting-edge Multimedia Exhibition in Smart Era

Held with International Broadcasting Conference


Dates : 2013. 5. 13(Mon) 16(Thur) (4 days)

Venue : COEX Hall A, C, D and Conference



With the theme of Broadcasting opens the future! Join the futurewave!, KOBA 2013 - 23rd Korea International Broadcast, Audio &Lighting Equipment Show will be held at COEX A, C, D and Conference from May13th(Mon) to 16th (Thur). 


KOBA 2013 is co-hosted by Korea E&EX and Korea BroadcastingEngineering & Technicians Association (KOBETA) and supported by relatedinstitutions & groups including Ministry of Science, ICT & FuturePlanning, the Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy (MOTIE), KoreaCommunications Commission, Seoul Metropolis, KBS, MBC, SBS, EBS, OBS, TheAcoustical Society of Korea, KMVA(Korea Movie and Video Association), KoreaAssociation of Sound Artists, ETRI(Electronics and Telecommunications ResearchInstitute). It is the only specialized global exhibition related with the convergingbroadcast industry. The government selected this as a promising exhibition tohelp the growth of the industry.  And, itis certified by MOTIE, Seoul Metropolis and International Exhibitors Association(IEA). 


At the exhibition, the state-of-the-art broadcasting, video, soundand lighting products from all around world will be presented. It will providea great chance for visitors to see the incredible advanced technology of newlyconceptualized broadcasting, video & sound and lighting industry.  And, a new solution is expected to bepresented for the officials to gear the industry against the competitivenessand rapidly changing trends. 


Main displayed products will be 4K, UHD, Smart TV, Mobile TV,Digital Contents, Camera, VTR, Post-Production System, Delivery &Distribution Equipment, Video Post-Production Equipment, Character Generator,CATV System, Internet/Satellite Broadcasting Equipment, Audio equipment likePro Audio, Microphone, Console, Mixer and instruments, Pro-Light/StageEquipment and others.  About 700 modelsof ten thousand units will be displayed which gives the visitors of KOBA 2013 agreat chance to learn about the latest products. 


839 companies from 33 countries will attend at KOBA 2013; Domesticbroadcasters(KBS, MBC, SBS and EBS), global broadcasting/video companies(Sony, Panasonic,Canon, JVC, Ikegami, FOR-A, ARRI, Tektronix, Harris, Aspera, Daehan UltraVision, Dongyang Digital, Road Technology, Black Magic Design, Sama GVC,Sanam Technology, YoungDo BNC, TV Logic, Compix, Hive System, SamikElectronics, VTRON and Solomon Multimedia Technology), sound system companies(Karakelectronics, DaiKyung VASCOM, Sound solution, Sovico, Avixtech, Yamaha,Inter-M, D Logixs, Kevic and Sama Prosound), Lighting companies(Hansam System, ArttechLighting , Joeun Technics & Arts and Laon Satge). 


This years KOBA is to be the largest yet. The exhibition floor hasexpanded 12% compared to last year, reaching the size of 25,405sqm (All theCOEX 1st and 3rd floor Exhibition halls).  More exhibitors have enlisted which resultsincrease in various products that will be shown.  Also, there are new categories for newlydeveloped products such as Mobile, Smart Media, Display, LED and Contents.  Broadcasting is a popular higher value-addedbusiness and differentiated competitiveness is necessary to be a success in thegrowing market.  KOBA 2013 will providevision for the people in this next-generation growth industry. 


At KOBA 2013 visitors can view major companies videos that havebeen incredibly improved in terms of definition and stability throughdevelopment of technologies.  The core ofthe exhibition is converged contents made by 3D camera, OLED display, 4K, UHDdigital TV, and projectors, centering the innovative and evolving technologiesfor the future broadcasting(Smart technology, UHD(Ultra High Definition) and4K).  All which are to be highlighted asConvergence Technology not just for the broadcasting industry.  UHD 4K movie screen will be set to allow peopleto enjoy seven movies taken by 4K camera including the trailer of After Earth. 


"International Broadcasting Technology Conference" heldby Korea E&EX and KOBETA (Korea Broadcasting Engineering & TechniciansAssociation) will fill up over 100 sections at COEX conference centerduring KOBA 2013. Dealing with all-around issues of broadcasting industry suchas 4K, UHD, Smart Technology, Digital Radio, Main broadcasting equipment,broadcasting technology and related policies.  The conference is expected to draw a greatattention from industry officials.  Also, KOBA World Forum is planned asSpecial Session for the conference to give a highlight the issues about foreignand domestic broadcasting market. Korea Association of Sound Artists preparesvarious programs to provide and share lots of information about soundtechnology. 


Headphone & Personal Audio Festival(2013 HAF) is to be concurrentlyheld at the Conference Center due to the publics increased interest towardspremium audio receivers for Smartphone/pad and tablet PC. 


For further information, visit www.kobashow or call Korea E&EX KOBA2013 at 82-02-551-0102.