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To All Exhibitors,


Welcome to KOBA 2013!

We are delighted to welcome you to KOBAhere at COEX. As we look forward to another successful and enjoyable event, KOBAteam would like to thank you for your support and participation.

Below are some points that you andyour colleagues many find useful to help make your preparation andparticipation at the show as stress free as possible. Please take the time to readthe following;

 Venue AccessTime for Visitors & Exhibitors







Hall A

May 11 ~ 12, 2013 (2days)

08:00 ~ 24:00

Hall C/D

May 10 ~ 12, 2013 (3days)

08:00 ~ 20:00

Exhibition Period

May 13, 2013

08:00 ~ 17:30

May 14 ~ 15, 2013 (2days)

09:00 ~ 17:30

May 16, 2013

09:00 ~ 19:00


May 17, 2013

08:00 ~ 17:00



May 13 ~ 16, 2013

10:00 ~ 17:00


On-site KOBAOrganizer Office (office runs from May. 10th to 17th only)

∙ Hall A,C Exhibitors >Second floor at Hall A/C(Use stairs next to Hall A/C1,2 entrance) Tel : +82-2-6002-8200~2Fax : +82-2-6002-8203

∙ Hall DExhibitors > Fourth floor at Hall D1(Use elevator in frontof Hall D1 entrance)

Tel : +82-2-6002-8204~6 Fax : +82-2-6002-8207

 AdmissionBadges Pick-up(10:00 of 11th May ~ 20:00of 12th May)

Toget pre-applied admission pass, please collect your pass at the RegistrationCounter

∙Hall A Exhibitors > Frontof Hall A1 entrance on the 1st floor.

∙Hall C&D Exhibitors >Front of Hall C1 entrance on the 3rd floor.

∙ Booth charge and all paymentshould be completely done before you pick up the            admission badges, Otherwise you cannot getenter the hall.



(Electricity/Telephone/Internet/Water/CompressedAir/RF Visitor Registration System)

∙ Utility Service will be started uparound 4 pm of May 12th, and shall be cut off on 5:00 pm. in

 May 16th, 2013 in principle.



- OpeningCeremony

TheOpening Ceremony will take place at 11:00hrs on Monday 13 of May 2013,

infront of Hall C1 entrance on the 3rd floor.


- 2013 Headphone& Personal Audio Festival in KOBA SHOW (HAF 2013)

Venue       COEX Conference Center #327

Period       May 14 ~ 16, 2013 (3days)

Items        Headphone, Earphone, Smart AudioReceiver, PC-Fi


- UHD 4K (UltraHigh Definition) Theater

Contents    After Earth trailer and 7 more movies

Venue        COEX Exhibition Center 3F. # Booth D510

Day&Time May 13 ~ 16, 2013 (4days) / Every Hour (11:00 ~16:00)

Bring-In ofExhibits and Booth Decoration

1.   Allcargoes/exhibits, which are consigned directly to the exhibition site mustentered by the cargo entrance, However, hand carried items can be brought byfront gate of hall.

2.   Followorganizer''s move-in & out schedule; deadline of vehicles enter into theHall for cargoes and exhibits are till 16:00 for Hall Aand 20:00 for Hall C/D of May 12th. However, preparation working isallowed till 20:00 for Hall A and 24:00 for Hall C/D.   


On-site Booth Information

1.     Installations and decorationof booths are responsibility of the exhibitors, their agents or contractors.

2.     Cleaning inside of yourbooth should be done by yourself for security reason.

3.     During the whole exhibition period,exhibitors are responsible for taking care of their all exhibits and materials.

4.     Storage of empty boxes orpackaging materials inside the hall is strictly prohibited at all times.

5.     Audio Levels : Maximumaccepted sound level is 80dB within stand boundaries and the speakers''direction should be facing own booth. Please keep in mind that after an verbalwarning, if the sound level is not lowered, the organizer is authorized to shutoff the audio source or power supply.

6.     Smoking in the exhibitionhall is strictly prohibited.

 Distribution of KOBA 2013 Official Catalogue

The KOBA Staffs will deliver and distribute theofficial catalogue at your booth before the first day of exhibition in 13th May.


Security Warning

Please ensure that your stands are attended atall times, do not leave small items or valuables such as mobiles, laptops orsimilar on display. The Organizer will not be held responsible for any items that go missing.

Free Cargo TruckParking during the Move-In & Out(Cargo Parking Lot only)

∙ Dates:Move-In (May 10 ~ 11, 2013) & Move-Out (May 17, 2013) period

∙ ApplicableVehicles: Over 1 Ton Trucks and Cargo-Vans.

∙ ParkingCharge: Free for initial 3 hours

Booth Size

1-3 booths

4-10 booths

11-20 booths

21-30 booths

31 +


10 Hour pass

4 Day pass

6 Day pass

8 Day pass

10 Day pass


You can exchange 1 day pass for 5 hour passes


Free ParkingTicket for Exhibitors

∙ Pickup Days: from 4:00 p.m. of 11 ~ 12, 2013

   ∙ Pick-uppoint: Organizer Office


TransportService (Airport <-> KCAT(COEX))

Limousine Bus Line(#6103)

Airport Limousine - No. 6103(05:30~22:30)


10~15 minutes

Travelling Time

65 min

Bus Stop

(2nd Floor) A


KRW 15,000

Seoul Metro (Subway) 

  Samsung station (COEX) on Line No.2 GreenLine (exit 6). For more information about                                  

  the subway, Please visit at

Business Center

Business Center is locatedin venue for exhibitors convenience only.(Booth No. D607)

* Business Center facilities; Computers withinternet access, Fax & Copy machine,

                                    Cold & Hot water fountain, Coffee& tea

Cafeteria & Internet Café & Lounge

Both visitors and exhibitors can use Cafeteria for coffee, beverageand snacks, also freely use the on-site internet cafe and lounge for theirconvenience during the exhibition period.

∙ Hall A :  - Cafeteria: A109 / ATTIBASSI             - Lounge: A431, A521, A631

∙ Hall C &D : -Cafeteria & Lounge: D118/D119 / ATTIBASSI

- Lounge: C431, C521,C641, C721, C841, C921    - Free Internet Lounge: D980


Food Court

There aremore than 50 oriental and western restaurants are located in the COEX mall,which        

is locatedin the basement of exhibition Center.

 Press Center

  The PressOffice will be located in Hall D2 office(4Fl.) & Booth No. C101


Should you have any queries concerning the Exhibitionat any time, please do not hesitate to come to organizer office.

KOBA 2013 team would like to wish you a very successfulshow!