KOBA 2020 Notification
2020-03-18 View : 699

KOBA Secretariat greatly appreciates your participation in KOBA 2020.

KOBA 2020 is going ahead as planned under the theme “2020 Next Gen Begins”

by Korea E&EX and KOBETA(Korea Broadcasting Engineers & Technicians Association) from May 13th to 15th, 2020 at COEX in Seoul, Korea.


As you’ve been told the WHO officially declared COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic,

KOBA Secretariat is monitoring the situation carefully and working in order to make the KOBA 2020 a success.
Moreover, we will continue to abide by protocols assigned to the government for your safety. 


We will inform you immediately via the KOBA website if we make any further changes.




- KOBA 2020 Secretariat -