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회사명 영문(국문업체의 경우 영문회사명 노출)

Address (04992)3F Littlesongmusic 676, Cheonho-daero, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel 82-070-4632-0176 Fax 82-070-4632-0176
Site www.bgmfactory.com/
Booth No. D410

BGMFACTORY is a background music & sound effects library platform for creators and content creators.
It boasts high quality tracks which are good enough to be used in many major broadcast programs, and is completely safe from copyright issues by servicing only 100% self-made music.

It is easy to find a song of a desired style as it is divided by content genre, mood, and instrument, and you can search for various tags at the same time and use it quickly and easily. We have a ‘period-of-use ticket’ so that each user can use it according to their plan, and we also provide a customizing service that makes songs that meet customers’ needs upon request.