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회사명 영문(국문업체의 경우 영문회사명 노출)

Address (06046) 37-9, Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel 82-070-4776-5327 Fax 82-02-3444-1232
Site https://www.sgclights.co.kr/
Booth No. D344

SGC Lights is based in Los Angeles. We are a team of passionate and experienced folks. Our manufacturer team has over 30 years of experience making lights from fluorescent to LEDs. For years, we have done prototyping and small batch production for other Hollywood brands as well as gaffers and lighting technicians. We regularly brainstorm with professionals from the motion picture industry. SGC Lights has the experience, knowledge, and also a complete design team to create lights that help with the overall workflow for all creatives.

SGC Lights is a brand comprised of users like you. SGC Lights is made up of input and feedback from our experienced end-users. We listen to what you need to build lights that help content creators and filmmakers alike.

If you want to see your idea become a reality and make an impact in the industry, come and talk to us - SGC will make it happen.

Simple Game Changer.

SGC Lights has a multitude of meanings. What does SGC Lights mean to you?