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Seoul Cyber University

회사명 영문(국문업체의 경우 영문회사명 노출)

Address (01133) 60, Solmae-ro 49-gil, Gangbuk-gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel 82-02-944-5000 Fax 82-02-980-2222
Site 1in.iscu.ac.kr
Booth No. D460

In the era of the 4th industrial revolution, contents in all fields are being made online and videotaped, and the development of information and communication technology has showed in an era where anyone can show their content through one-person broadcasts through social media such as YouTube, even through mobile devices.
where the demand for non-face-to-face content is rapidly increasing, acquiring the skills to produce YouTube broadcasts is becoming an important asset that can enhance competitiveness in the digital age.
Seoul Cyber University's Personal Broadcasting Major provides practical training courses focused on practical work so that you can grow into creators who creatively produce their own content through online video platforms such as YouTube.
In addition, we introduce the latest technologies that fuse artificial intelligence, AR/VR, metaverse, and metahuman, the core technologies, into realtime streaming and content creation.